1/10 Mercedes Unimog

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1/10 Mercedes Unimog

The idea is to build an Unimog with portal axles and torque axles. I begun with TLT axles and RC4WD portals, but when I modified and made steering on XC axles I think they are much better.
Project still in early stage.

unimog_01_s.jpg unimog_02_s.jpg unimog_03_s.jpg unimog_04_s.jpg unimog_05_s.jpg unimog_06_s.jpg unimog_08_s.jpg unimog_09_s.jpg unimog_11_s.jpg unimog_12_s.jpg unimog_13_s.jpg unimog_14_s.jpg unimog_15_s.jpg unimog_16_s.jpg unimog_17_s.jpg unimog_18_s.jpg unimog_19_s.jpg unimog_20_s.jpg unimog_21_s.jpg unimog_22_s.jpg