Hobby King ESC Heatsink Pack

Hobby King ESC Heatsink Pack
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Our 5pc heatsink pack is ideal for adding custom heat sinks to your ESCs. Better heat dissipation allows your speed controllers FET chips to operate at a higher level of efficiency. Each heat sink can easily be cut to length with a standard hack saw. The pack also includes a sheet of thermal silica film (heat transfer film).
Material: AL6063-T5
1 x 25x30x9.5mm Heat Sink
1 x 25x80x9.5mm Heat Sink
1 x 39x30x9.5mm Heat Sink
1 x 39x80x9.5mm Heat Sink
1 x 51x80x9.5mm Heat Sink
1 x 200x100x1mm Thermal Film sheet
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